Client N - 2021

i went for therapy as my life was out of control and I could not see a way forward.   Karen just listened to me, I told her things I had never disclosed to anyone else and I started to find myself again and find a way forward.  After my first appointment, I felt so much relief and slept for the first time in months.  She helped me to make sense of my life by repeating what I was saying and asking me questions.  I felt safe and she worked with me to take small steps and start to make progress.  I just wish I had seen Karen years before.  I could have saved myself so much stress and anxiety and avoided things getting so bad.. ​

Client A - 2020

I can't recommend Karen enough.  I truly believed she saved my life after my wife moved away with my two children.  I felt bereft, depressed and wanted to end my life and did not believe I would ever find a way through my predicament.  I was drinking every night, had insomnia and had cut myself off from my friends and family.  Karen helped me understand my background, why I felt so low and hopeless and gently helped me take steps towards what I wanted going forward.  I left the first appointment with hope, if someone had told me that I would feel so much better after 10 sessions, I would never have believed them, but I have got my life back on track and feel so much better.  I now have a totally different perspective on my life and feel excited about my future for both me and my children.  I can't thank Karen enough.  

Client K - 2019

I have had EMDR with Karen for a traumatic birth and subsequent recovery.  I kept getting flashbacks, smells and sounds from the birth of my son and felt continually emotional and struggled to breathe for 2 years. I went to see Karen and within four sessions found that all my distress had subsided and found myself planning for another baby.  I'd had therapy before and although had been helpful, it had not relieved my symptoms.  Seeing Karen has really helped both me, my family and I now have peace of mind and feel much happier and calmer.

Client R - 2018

I was suffering with trauma sustained as a child and as an adult and was struggling to function.  I wasn't working, had no relationships, was drinking and taking anything to take my pain away and actively suicidal.  I had made several attempts to end my life as I didn't want to go on.  Karen just listened to my life story, was really gentle with me and took me through therapy in tiny steps.  When I look back over the last year I'm amazed at the progress I've made.  I have a job, a close friend, I exercise and I'm focused on my future.  Karen helped me get my life back, tiny, baby steps a day at a time.   I've still got a long journey to make, but I know it's going to be ok.   The relationship I have with Karen is like no other and my journey has been challenging, but it's the best journey I've ever made.  

Client S - 2017

When I first met Karen my self-esteem was through the floor and I was at the beginning of splitting up from my wife, has social anxiety and felt suicidal.   I'd spent most of my life being someone who saw a fat person in the mirror, despite training regularly and really didn't like who I was.  After working through a lot of issues, I now see a completely different image when looking in the mirror and I now finally feel comfortable taking with and meeting new people.  I now have a great life and feel grateful for the life I have built for myself.   Karen has been instrumental in this and I can't thank her enough.  I'd recommend her to anyone, who doesn't like where they are in their head or their life.

Client M - 2016

Having CBT with Karen, was the best present I could have given to myself.   I feel happier than I ever had and when I feel low, I know what I need to do to help myself get back into a more positive mood.  I used to ruminate on all the negative things going on in my life and get stuck in a vicious cycle for days, where I'd be crying, feeling lonely and sad and would avoid doing anything that would raise my stress levels.  Now I know what I need to do to stay in a productive frame of mind, even when struggling with problems in my life.  Karen is really kind, understands and didn't judge me, but helped me change and I really used to look forward to my sessions.   I'm so grateful that I did pick up the phone and go to see her.

Client H - 2016

I had an abusive background and had several incidents, where I got hurt emotionally and physically as an adult and went to Karen when I was just stuck, trapped in the house and struggling with panic attacks at the thought of leaving the house.    I avoided going out socially and having any kind of intimate relationships and was just managing to function and go to work, although my sickness was high and my job in jeopardy.  I felt lonely, isolated, suicidal and could not see a way out of my situation.  Karen helped me understand why I was continually trying to avoid any triggers to stress and how to learn to deal with them.   I began to understand how my anxiety was dictating what I could do and how it kept me trapped in my situation.  I've been in work without any days off for 10 months, which is a record for me, with my boss praising me for my work.  I've started dating and have a small circle of friends where I'm learning to have fun.  I am so grateful that I found the courage to go and see Karen and start to find my way forward.  I would recommend going to see her, she has helped me transform my life and how I see myself.   

Client K -  2016

I've suffered with anxiety on and off since I was in school doing my A Levels and found it escalated in my 20's after several bad experiences related to drugs, alcohol and family problems.   I was stuck in a cycle of panic and depression, triggered by suicide/death/existence related thoughts and my confidence was at an all time low.  It affected my relationship with my boyfriend, who couldn't understand what I was going through and I lost my job.    I was too scared to leave the house for two years.  I didn't know how I would pick myself up and went to see Karen.  Karen taught me about anxiety and helped me understand why I was experiencing my thoughts, she was there for me and I stopped feeling alone.  I felt welcomed in her presence and looked forward to seeing her as you would a friend.  I now have strategies to deal with my anxiety and obsessive thoughts.  My anxiety and thoughts are with me, but do not control me or my decisions in my life.  By using cognitive and behavioural techniques I have built my confidence back up and am now a manager in my job.  I am happy and confident in my relationship, with really positive beliefs about myself.   Karen has had a massive influence on my life and I use the knowledge I gained daily.   I recommend making an appointment with Karen, to anyone out there, who is struggling.   Karen taught me to laugh again and I could not thank her enough.   ​

Client T – 2015
I turned to Karen for her professional help when at a very difficult time in my personal life.  There were numerous challenges ahead, which seemed absolutely insurmountable.  At that point just getting through the day was painful.  Any journey of a thousand miles or more has to start with that first step, and with her expert care, patience and warmth Karen worked with my using Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, to start to conquer those mountains.   Along the way there are many things I have discovered about myself and I am now much calmer and in control.   I owe Karen a great deal for all of her help along the way.  The rest of your life, could be the best of your life. 

 Client B – 2015
I have suffered from OCD, anxiety and panic most of my adult life and went to Karen, in despair and battling daily with suicidal thoughts.   I struggled at first in therapy, when trying to deal with my OCD in a different way, but using CBT I am now experiencing periods where my days and even part of my weeks are not full of anxiety and panic.  Now when my anxiety starts to rise I have strategies that are really helpful and can calm me down.   I look forward to my life now and although there are still times I struggle, I feel optimistic and excited about what the future holds.  Karen taught me how my anxiety was triggered, how my thoughts were feeding my anxious state and what I could do differently that would give me both short and long term relief.   My OCD is not now controlling me and I use relaxation as well as exercise to manage my stress.     I feel less stressed, have more energy and much, much happier.  I am really grateful to Karen, she never judged me, she patiently worked with me and helped me find a way forward, when I really deep down didn’t think I could be helped.

 Client S – 2015
I feel so much better since seeing Karen.   I thought therapy would take months but only needed a few sessions.  I now understand why I kept making the same mistakes in all of my relationships, which led to my lack of confidence, low self-esteem and depression.  Once I gained insight and changed my thoughts in relation to myself and my partner, I act in a completely different way.  I now like my own company and can spend time on my own.  Being able to offload to someone who was not personally involved in my life, who helped me make sense of my problems was the best decision I ever made.   Although I was petrified in the beginning, I will always be thankful that I had counselling and chose Karen. I’ve just found me again and feel so much more settled.